It To succeed therefore, you need to take a closer and deeper look at your inner abilities and utilize them more creatively. Some people are precariously misplaced in career, business and in relationships. Some are misdirected, confused and under-utilizing their potentials. While some are in the wrong professions, studying courses they have little or no interest in, simply because their parents, friend, or colleagues told them to. They are pursuing careers that are taking them nowhere. They don’t what precisely to do to set them on the right track to fulfill their ultimate destiny in life.

You should not boost of a gift that is not in operation in your life, prove your gift by making it produce for you. People are not interested in how talented you are, they want to know how productive you are with what you have. Get into a career or discipline that makes demands on your gifts, that is the only way you can develop yourself into greatness. What are the things you secretly desire to do, become, achieve or possess? This may be a very good clue to the gifts you possess.

The desire of your heart will help you release the success within you. Be the best at what you do, only the best of you is good enough for humanity. Be proud of what you do, if you don’t take pride in what you do, you will never become exceptional at it. Also note that persistence is a virtue if applied to the right cause, but it can be frustrating when you are persistently pursuing something that is not producing an iota of result for you. We sometimes commit our time and energy to a cause that we have no gift or grace for, so we struggle daily in it.

In conclusion, I will like you to develop a mission statement to help you focus entirely on this area in which you are graced and gifted. ‘ A jack of all trade is a failure going somewhere to happen’. To succeed in life, you must put all your eggs in one basket with everything you have got. FOCUS!. Pour your very life into it.

Do what you have grace for and release the success within you!