Mouth odour which is also known as bad breath or halitosis is a health condition considered to be embarrassing. This is usually caused by a group of anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria that breath beneath the surface of the tongue and often in the throat and tonsil area. Here are some remedies that works:

1. Oral Care: Brush and rinse your teeth and moth at least twice a day. This helps to remove any food that can be used as fuel source by producing bacteria that causes bad breath.

2. Use mouth wash: Use mouthwash and toothpaste that have been shown to be effective in fighting mouth odour.

3. Brush your teeth with Baking soda: Brushing with baking soda once a week helps to neutralize excess acids found in the oral cavity.

4. Take supplements: Taking vitamin C, D, E and B helps the body to eliminate excess mucus and toxins naturally.

5. Drink plenty of water: Keeping your mouth moist by drinking enough water helps to fight mouth odour too.

6. Rinse your mouth after each meal: Always clean your mouth each time you eat, as practicing consistent and thorough oral hygiene will go a long way in preventing mouth odour.