It is also used for cold, sprain, catarrh and dislocations. Chemicals needed for the production of balm are:

1. Petroleum Gel 1/4kg
2. Paraffin oil   1/2litres
3. Bees wax:   just the size of your thumb
4. Industrial camphor   1/2 spoon
5. Peppermint   2 spoons
6. Eucalyptus   2-3 spoons
7. Menthol   4-6 spoons
8. colorant   as desired (optional)


  • Put a dry pot on fire
  • Turn the petroleum gel into the pot and allow to melt
  • Pour the paraffin oil and stir
  • Add the bees wax and allow to melt
  • Add the eucalyptus and stir
  • Turn down the heat, then add the menthol and stir
  • Add the peppermint and stir properly together
  • Add the camphor and stir also
  • Lastly, add colour (if any) and stir properly.